Osteria Romana Osteria Romana Osteria Romana Osteria Romana Osteria Romana




  • Bruschetta with Lardo from Colonnata and Truffle Honey
  • Eggplant Parmigiana
  • Baby Artichokes cooked in the Jewish Way
  • Smoked Scamorza crusted with artigianal Speck served with Shiitake and Savory
  • Lentils Soup From Castelluccio with Wagyu Sausage and Truffle
  • Bruschetta with Cherry Tomatoes, Burrata,Anchovies and Basil


  • Cured Wagyu Beef Meat aged two years
  • Culatello from Parma aged 24 months
  • Ham Pata Negra de Bellota from Salamanca
  • Selection of Italians Cold Cuts
  • Selection of Italians Cheeses


  • L’ Amatriciana : Rome’s most famous dish with Tomato sauce, Guanciale and Pecorino
  • Cacio e Pepe : Typical Roman Pasta with Pecorino Romano and our own selection of ten peppers
  • La Carbonara : A classic Roman dish, with browned Guanciale, Egg yolk Pecorino and Pepper
  • La Gricia : It’s the first version of the popular Amatriciana. It’s actually the original recipe before the advent of Tomato in Italy
  • Tonnarelli al Tartufo : Fresh Pasta with shaved Truffle
  • Sorrentina:  Fresh Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes, Burrata from Andria, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh Basil
  • Pasta al Burro con Alici del Cantabrico e polvere di Capperi disidratati di Pantelleria: Fresh Pasta with Butter, Anchovies of the Cantabrian sea and dust of Pantelleria Capers
  •  1988 sul porto di Favignana: Traditional recipe of Favignana’s fishermen, Aglio Olio e Peperoncino, with Tuna Tartare, Ginger, Combava


  • Bluefin Tuna Belly from Malta seasoned with Cayenne Pepper served with Balsamic reduction and caramelized Onions
  • Wagyu Beef Fillet Carpaccio served with Yuzu Vinagrette, Ginger and Parmigiano Reggiano 30-month aged
  • Veal Salti in Bocca with Culatello aged 24 months Colline Parmensi, Sage and white Wine
  • Fillet of Veal with Shiitake Mushrooms and Truffle


  • Backed oven Potatoes
  • Sauteed Turnip Tops with Garlic, Olive Oil and Chili Pepper
  • Cherry Tomatoes Salad with Balsamic Vinagrette, Ginger and Combava Zest


  • Sbriciolata
  • Sgroppino of Passion Fruit with Cubeb Pepper and Prosecco
  • Tiramisù
  • Chuao dark Chocolate Fondant with shaved Truffle
  • Selection of Italian Cheeses with compote of Peaches from Leonforte